Details of the 1st National Assembly for Education on the 30th of January

The 1st National Assembly for Education will be held on the 30th of January in central London (location to be confirmed).

National Assembly for Education A5 ii

Original motion from the Manchester Occupation:

  • For a national assembly in the new year

Thursday 9th December will be a key date for our movement. But whichever way the vote goes, it will not be the end.

The trade unions are holding a day of action to defend EMA on Monday 13th December. There is the prospect of coordinated strike action from UCU, NUT and other public sector unions, and in March the national demonstration of the TUC.

If the tuition fees bill is defeated, we will be in a very strong position to defeat other attacks. This can only come about if large numbers of Lib Dem MPs rebel, and would mean the defeat of the Con Dem coalition in its first major test. But even if we lose the vote our struggle will continue.

The movement against the CPE law in France, 2006, did not defeat the vote in the Senate – but did force the government to back down after the vote and reduced the Chirac administration to a lame duck for the rest of its term.

The struggle that has taken off since November 10th is the opening chapter of a much longer struggle. After December 9th we need to be organising for the steps ahead.

We call for a national assembly open to all who have been active in the movement including school, FE & university students as well as education workers  to be held in the first half of January 2011. This should be coordinated by representatives of the university occupations, the various assemblies and organisations – including Education Activist Network &  NCAFC– that have built the national walkouts, and  those involved in the protests, with the aim of taking our movement forward in the Spring term. A planning meeting to facilitate this should be organised for Sunday 12th December.

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